Social Media Braggarts

But are they really bragging?

Sharing versus showing off… who is the judge?

If you are on social media, I am sure you’ve come across people being criticized for sharing too much, for bragging, for being shallow, for not being conscious enough in this era of wokeness. There is a lot of bashing going on around. Most of us have experienced both sides of the coin; we either take it upon ourselves to call out the “braggarts”, hoping to teach them how to act and what to post, or we couldn’t be bothered at all, we simply ignore or unfollow.

Glorification of suffering: Do we just want to see people sharing images of pain and suffering and not their achievements?

Here on Medium, some writers have written articles or shared on social media how much they are earning and how far they’ve come in their writing career. The range is from new writers being proud of the first 2 USD that they’ve earned, to others earning as much as 10,000 USD. I haven’t seen any criticisms directed towards the 2 USD earners, but I have seen the high earners being criticized for showing off and being warned to be careful.

How I overcame my need to fix the so-called “Braggarts”

We never go to our neighbours’ houses and lecture them on how they should live and what photos they are “allowed” to hang on their walls. It is their house, they can do with it whatever they please.

How much is showing off too much, anyway?

One cannot deny that some pages are just purely commercial and causing more harm than good, some are fake, some are bragging, but we will never know the motivation behind people's post from our side of the screen.

I Like It Here…..

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